Campus Hate Groups That Oppose Israel & Support Its Enemies

Campus Hate Groups That Oppose Israel & Support Its Enemies


After Hamas terrorists in early October 2023 butchered Israelis, raped and killed teenage girls at a musical festival, and caged children as hostages, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) called it a “historic win for the Palestinian resistance.”

SJP, a campus hate group backed by Hamas’ Muslim Brotherhood parent organization, which has over 200 chapters in North America, declared that Jewish “settlers are not civilians” and are fair game for the atrocities committed by Hamas against women and children.

“This is what it means to Free Palestine: not just slogans and rallies, but armed confrontation,” SJP National posted before urging its chapters to join in a National Day of Action.

Students for Justice in Palestine at Boston University celebrated the atrocities with a poster featuring a scene from the attacks and the title “Victory is Ours.”  The University of Chicago chapter also joined in pledging their support for “resistance.” As the Hamas atrocities made clear, by “resistance” they meant the mass slaughter, rape and torture of Jews.

At Florida State University (FSU), Students for a Democratic Society retweeted a message from the National SDS organization praising Hamas as the “Palestinian resistance” that led “attacks that utterly humiliated Israel.” FSU’s SDS added, “Victory to the Palestinian resistance!” and pledged ‘’complete and unconditional solidarity” with Hamas and predicted the destruction of Israel.

At the University of Michigan, its SJP chapter, going by the name Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE), described the Hamas crimes as a “new precedent for our national liberation struggle” and called for a gathering in Dearborn to honor Hamas and “our martyrs.”

The quotes cited above are the reactions from some of the top ten campus hate groups highlighted in this report. Taxpayer money is being used to fund radical groups that demand a second Holocaust. These are not political opinions; in the aftermath of the brutal Hamas assaults against Israel, it is undeniable that their support for the “Palestinian resistance” means the extermination of millions of Jews.

“The Top Ten Campus Hate Groups in America,” the Fall 2023 report from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, documents a campus environment that is uglier than ever and exposes the seething leftist hatred of these ten student groups. Beyond their antisemitism, they have silenced professors, intimidated speakers, and created a climate of political terror from one end of the country to the other.

From Hamas supporters at Boston University and San Francisco State University, to assaults on visiting speakers at the University of Buffalo and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this fall’s campus hate groups are domestic terrorist organizations who are destroying higher education.

The radicalization of universities made them into safe spaces for the worst possible extremists. Conservative faculty and all opposing voices have been banished from campuses. Pro-Israel and conservative students have learned to hide their views to avoid becoming targets. And curriculum changes have turned places of learning into Marxist indoctrination centers.

Those are the conditions under which colleges can celebrate Islamic terrorism or Communism, in which the worst possible crimes, even the murder of children, meet with approval as long as they are dressed up in revolutionary language and woke dogma.

The Hamas movement was incubated by Muslim Brotherhood campus groups at universities, and the Hamas supporters on American campuses dream of one day doing to Americans what their political allies in Gaza have been inflicting on Israelis.

That is why it is more urgent than ever to expose and shut down these campus hate groups.

Our college campuses are becoming miniature ‘Gazas,’ no-go-zones for conservatives and supporters of Israel, where terrorists rule and everyone else is terrified of them.

* The text above is adapted from Daniel Greenfield’s introduction to Sara Dogan’s October 2023 pamphlet titled The Campus Hate Groups that Support Hamas.

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