Black Racists & The Jihad in America

Black Racists & The Jihad in America


In recent years, a number of prominent black racists have become crucially involved in the Islamic jihad in the United States. Moving out from the hidden corners of American society into public places, these preachers of hate have made racism and Islamism into a potent toxin that they release under the cover of “diversity” and “religious pluralism.” Some are Imams at major mosques in the U.S.; others are chaplains in prisons and jails; still others are radical figures who frequent American higher education by advising and speaking for organizations such as the Muslim Students Association on campuses across the nation. Whatever audience they target and whatever the distinctions within their individual messages, they speak a lingua franca of anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-American hatred in the name of Allah. Among the more notable figures are Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-MansourAmir-Abdel Malik-AliAbdul Alim MusaWarith Deen Umar, and Khalid Yasin.

African Americans have been specifically and aggressively targeted for recruitment by leaders of the worldwide jihad, just as they were targeted for recruitment by the Communist Party USA in the 1920s. Black grievance, combined with the evangelism of the Nation of Islam, has established an audience for the ideology of hate.

One of the prime recruitment centers of the jihadists is the American prison system. Al Qaeda training manuals found by U.S. troops in Afghanistan confirm that America’s black prisoners, who constitute nearly half of the nation’s two million inmates, are viewed by jihadists as a potentially bountiful source of new foot soldiers.

The immensely wealthy Saudi government, which has made the propagation of radical Islam in America a top priority, is also complicit in this effort. The Saudis have shipped tens of thousands of Korans to U.S. jails in recent years. Through the National Islamic Prison Foundation, Saudi money finances an extensive“prison outreach program that seeks to convert inmates to Islam and to anti-Americanism. Prison chaplains are typically Wahhabis (practitioners of Saudi Arabia’s most extreme, fundamentalist form of Islam) who have been certified and trained as religious officials by either the Islamic Society of North America or the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, both of which are currently under federal investigation for ties to terrorism. Some 40,000 inmates convert to Islam annually, and almost all of these converts are African Americans.

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Abdul Alim Musa

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