Additional Information on the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

Additional Information on the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation


* In an effort to “diversify the pool of young nonprofit professionals in North Carolina,” the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation (ZSRF) in 2011 established a Non-Profit Internship Program that annually awards paid summer internships to 20 college and university students. The interns are placed with ZSRF-grantee organizations that are “working to advance the Foundation’s values in the areas of Community Economic Development, Public Education, Social Justice & Equity, Environment, and/or Strengthening Democracy.” As compensation, the interns receive a taxable stipend of $3,200, of which ZSRF provides two-thirds ($2,133), and the host organizations provide the remaining one-third ($1,067).

* ZSRF also offers an eight-week, paid Summer Internship to an undergraduate or graduate student who is interested in philanthropy, public policy, community service, and/or the nonprofit sector. Interns in this program are given an opportunity to shadow and/or assist Foundation staffers in researching projects that are related to the long-term goals of ZSRF.

* ZSRF’s Sabbatical Program offers three- to six-month sabbaticals that allow individuals who have worked with North Carolina nonprofit organizations for at least three years (of which at least two were spent in executive-level positions), to “focus primarily on their personal needs and devote themselves to self-revitalization.” While on sabbatical, these individuals are paid $30,000 by the Foundation.

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