Additional Information on the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW)

Additional Information on the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW)


Chronology of Major UFCW Mergers:

* In 1980 the Barbers, Beauticians and Allied Industries International Association merged with UFCW.
* In 1983 the Insurance Workers International Union voted to have its 15,000 members join UFCW.
* In 1986 the Canadian Brewery Workers Union merged with UFCW.
* In 1991 the 5,000 members of the Independent Foodhandlers and Warehouse Employees Union in Rhode Island and Massachusetts merged with UFCW to form Local 791.
* In 1992 the Leather Goods, Plastics, Handbags and Novelty Workers Union merged with UFCW.
* In 1993 the International Union of Life Insurance Agents of Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota merged with UFCW, adding another 1,500 members to the union.
* In 1993 the 100,000-member Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union merged with UFCW.
* In 1994 the 15,000-member United Garment Workers of America merged with UFCW.
* In 1995 the 15,000-member Textile Workers and the 15,000-member Distillery Workers unions merged with UFCW.
* In 1996 the 40,000 members of the International Chemical Workers Union merged with UFCW.
* In 1997 the Canadian Union of Restaurant and Related Employees merged with UFCW.
* In 1998 both the United Representatives Guild, Inc. and the Production Service and Sales District Council merged with UFCW.

Additional Information on UFCW:

* UFCW currently operates in numerous major grocery chains throughout the United States, including Albertsons, Dierbergs, Kroger, Meijer, Rosauers, Schnucks, Safeway, Supervalu, Giant Food LLC, The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, BiLo, Tops Markets, A&P, Pathmark, King Kullen, Waldbaums and Shop Rite.

* UFCW has repeatedly accused Walmart of treating its workers poorly, and has attempted numerous times (without success) to organize the chain in the United States. In Canada, by contrast, the union has had some success with Walmart.

* In 2010, UFCW launched “Feeding the Hungry,” a program conducted jointly with Smithfield Foods and celebrity cooks Paula Deen and Chef Jeff Henderson, to donate and help deliver 20 million servings of protein over three years to assistance organizations across the United States.

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