Additional Information on the Network of Spiritual Progressives

Additional Information on the Network of Spiritual Progressives


* A June 2010 NSP conference in Washington, DC featured such notable guest speakers as Heather BoothJohn CavanaghKeith EllisonDennis Kucinich, Michael Lerner, and Robert McChesney. The conference was co-sponsored by The Nation Magazine, Yes! Magazine, Peace Action, the Progressive Democrats of AmericaCommon Cause, the Interfaith Alliance, Pace e Bene, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Code Pink, the Institute for Policy Studies, the Shalom Center, Democracy Matters, OpEdNews, the Backbone Campaign, the United Religions Initiative, the Washington Peace Center, and

* Other notables who have spoken at NSP events include Medea BenjaminRobert EdgarVan JonesBill McKibbenMichael Posner, and Stephen Zunes.

* NSP endorsed the October 2, 2010 “March on Washington” organized by One Nation Working Together, an event whose purpose was to inspire “an intensive voter-mobilization program for Election Day 2010.” For a list of other notable endorsers, click here.

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