Additional Information on the Holy Land Trust

Additional Information on the Holy Land Trust


* In 2005, the Holy Land Trust’s website featured “The History of Palestine: a Timeline,” which stated:

“Palestine is the land upon which the Palestinian people were born. It is the land on which they grew and on which they developed as a culture and as a people. Palestine is also a land rich in history. There is evidence that Palestine has been inhabited for nearly two hundred thousand years.”

Exhorting readers to cultivate a “respectful acknowledgement of the rights of the indigenous Palestinian people,” the timeline began with the “Arab conquest of Palestine” in the year 638 AD—omitting any mention of the fact that the Jewish presence in the region predated that of the Arabs by some two-and-a-half millennia.

* Joseph Farah, editor of, says of HLT: “The lies this group tells in the name of Christianity are big and bold. They include the standard lines about Jews robbing the homes of Arabs, stealing their land and brutalizing them in a repressive state of military occupation. These so-called Christians even rationalize terrorism.”

* HLT is one of numerous groups that are loosely joined in the Palestinian Initiative for Responsible Tourism (PIRT), a consortium of local entities seeking to help Palestinians benefit from the lucrative Holy Land travel industry. Other members of this initiative include the Alternative Tourism Group, the Arab Hotel Association, Bethlehem University, the Holy Land Incoming Tour Operator Association, the International Center of Bethlehem, the Jerusalem Inter-Church Center, the Joint Advocacy Initiative, the Network of Christian Organizations in Bethlehem, the Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies, and the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

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