Additional Information on the Compton Foundation

Additional Information on the Compton Foundation


* The Compton Foundation’s “Environmental and Social Sustainability Policies” include the following:

  • subsidizing the costs of public transit for its commuting staff;
  • allowing staff members to work “flexible” hours so they can avoid traffic and transit congestion insofar as possible;
  • applying carbon offsets to all Foundation-related air travel by staff, board members, guest speakers, and Compton Fellows;
  • maintaining at least 85% of the Compton Foundation endowment in “environmentally and socially screened investments”;
  • providing Compton staffers with the option of investing in “environmentally and socially responsible retirement funds”;
  • using 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and re-using paper whenever possible;
  • purchasing organic (or pesticide-free) and fair-trade foods whenever available;
  • purchasing “sustainably-produced office supplies” whenever available;
  • purchasing 100% biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning supplies.

* Each year, the Compton Foundation subsidizes up to five days of paid volunteer activity at a nonprofit organization for each of its staff members. The Foundation also matches, on a 2:1 basis, charitable contributions of $100 or more made by its staff and Board members, up to a total of $9,000 per person per year.

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