Additional Information on Steve Cohen

Additional Information on Steve Cohen


* When Cohen was five years old, he contracted polio. While growing up, he lived with his family in Coral Gables, Florida and Pasadena, California. His father, Morris Cohen, was a pediatrician and psychiatrist employed at the University of Miami and the University of Southern California.

* In 1994 Cohen ran an unsuccessful campaign for governor of Tennessee, and in 1996 he failed in a bid to win the vacant U.S. Congressional seat (9th District) held by the retiring Harold Ford Sr.  Cohen again ran for Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District seat in 2006, this time winning a hotly contested primary against Ford Sr.’s younger brother, Jake Ford, and then winning the general election in November.

* In 2007 the Tennessee branch of Planned Parenthood honored Cohen with its Bob James award, named in honor of a late Memphis city councilman and Planned Parenthood supporter who had left an endowment of $1 million for the benefit of Planned Parenthood in the Memphis area.

* In 2013, Cohen was given a Perfect Voting Award by NARAL Pro-Choice America, a pro-abortion organization.

* In November 2017, Cohen took part in a hearing in which a House Judiciary Subcommittee weighed the merits of H.R. 490, a bill designed to restore legal protection to unborn babies with detectable heartbeats. Strongly opposed to this legislation, Cohen had recently said: “If you believe in life you should believe in Medicaid, healthcare, nutrition for people who are here, and preventing the eventuality of backroom abortions and where only the wealthy can afford to go where they may be legal, making poor women even more poor.”

* Cohen has never married and has no children.

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