Additional Information on Ruby Dee

Additional Information on Ruby Dee


* In 1998, Dee and Davis penned their autobiography, With Ossie and Ruby, in which they discussed at length their political activism as well their decision to have an “open marriage.” The pair also collaborated on a number of other publications, including: Every Tongue Got to Confess: Negro Folk-tales From the Gulf States (2001); We Shall Overcome: The History of the Civil Rights Movement As It Happened (2004); and Life Lit by Some Large Vision: Selected Speeches and Writings (2006).

* In 2004, Dee and Ossie Davis were co-recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors, an award given annually to performing artists.

* Dee and Davis parented three children: Guy Davis, Nora Day, and Hasna Muhammad.

* In 2008, Dee won a Screen Actors Guild award and was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress” for her portrayal of the mother of a heroin kingpin in the film American Gangster.

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