Additional Information on Ron Kuby

Additional Information on Ron Kuby


Ron Kuby’s Broadcasting Career:

  • From 1999 to 2007, Kuby and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa co-hosted a daily radio show titled Curtis and Kuby in the Morning on WABC-AM 770, in New York City, which featured discussion and debate on current events. Kuby was fired from the program in November 2007 as a result of an arrangement to give the morning drive-time slot to the prominent radio personality Don Imus.
  • Kuby and Sliwa then co-hosted a short-lived midday television program on MSNBC.
  • On June 3, 2008, Kuby returned to the radio airwaves to host a weekday call-in program with Air America Radio — first as a replacement for Randi Rhodes, and then as the host of his own Doing Time with Ron Kuby.” In June 2009, Kuby’s program was removed from Air America’s schedule.
  • On January 2, 2014 Curtis and Kuby returned to WABC as an afternoon program. The station released Kuby in late May 2017, for budgetary reasons.

More Information:

* In 1986 Kuby met far-left social worker Marilyn Vasta, and the two became lifelong companions. They bore a daughter together in 1993, and the couple married on January 23, 2006, the 20th anniversary of their first date.

* In 2004, Kuby donated $2,000 to John Kerry’s presidential campaign.

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