Additional Information on Robert Borosage

Additional Information on Robert Borosage


* Borosage has co-authored four books — The Lawless State: The Crimes of the U. S. Intelligence Agencies (1976); The Next Agenda: Blueprint for a New Progressive Movement (2001, with Roger Hickey); Taking Back America: And Taking Down the Radical Right(2004, with Katrina vanden Heuvel); and American Dreamers: Reality and Imagination Contemporary Art (2012).

* Borosage has personally made campaign contributions to a number of congressional candidates, most of them Democrats, including Jesse Jackson, Jr.  He also has given money to the Progressive Majority and 21st Century Democrats.

* In a November 2002 L.A. Weekly article, Borosage was quoted as having recently said: “History shows that protests are organized first by militant, radical fringe parties and then get taken over by more centrist voices as the movement grows. They provide a vessel for people who want to protest.”

* In February 2005 Borosage condemned President Bush’s most recent budget as one that: “offends common decency”; “cuts investment in our future”; “hurt[s] the most vulnerable in our country”; “extend[s] tax cuts for the very wealthy, even as it cuts services for the many”; and short-changes “our schools,” the “health care system,” food stamp recipients, “child care for thousands of poor working mothers,” and “affordable housing” programs. He complained that America “spends almost as much on its military as the rest of the world combined.” And he lamented that “[t]he wealthy capture more of the nation’s income and wealth, while middle-income and poor families are losing ground.”

* In December 2006 — a month after Democrats had seized control of Congress on election day — Borosage co-chaired the initial meeting of Change America Now, a national campaign of some 30 leftist organizations supporting the “100 Hour” legislative agenda outlined by the victorious party’s leadership. “Democrats ran the most populist elections in memory,” Borosage told those in attendance. “We need to make sure the Democrats deliver on their promises, and that the 100 Hours Agenda is just the first step in creating an economy that works for working people.”

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