Additional Information on Randall Hayes

Additional Information on Randall Hayes


* Hayes is married to Lauren Klein Hayes, an environmental and social-justice activist who has worked for the Threshold Foundation.

* In a 1993 article in Mother Jones magazine, Hayes was quoted as saying that Presidents “Reagan and [George H.W.] Bush were ecological idiots.” “If they were an F, Hayes added, [Bill] Clinton and [Al] Gore are a solid B. But the earth needs an A+, so we’re still in trouble.”

* “I don’t call myself an environmentalist anymore,” Hayes said in 2004. “… The environmental movement needs to become more economically savvy.”

* Hayes contributed to the 2004 book Alternatives to Economic Globalization: A Better World is Possible.

* As of 2004, Hayes had been arrested at least eighteen times for his participation in civil disobedience.

* Over the years, Hayes has made a number of campaign contributions to political candidates, all of them Democrats. Those recipients included John KerryBarack ObamaDonna Edwards, and John Tester. He also donated money to the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party, and to ActBlue.

* In 2010 Hayes was one of the original set of inductees into the National Environmental Hall of Fame.

* In addition to his work with RAN, Hayes at various times has served as the U.S. national director of Direction Conservation; the USA director at the World Future Council; a board of directors member for at least eight non-profit organizations, including the Turning Point Project and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (an eco-terrorist group founded by Paul Watson); and an advisory board member for numerous groups, including the Presidio School of Management’s green MBA program.

* Hayes derives great pleasure from his status as a controversial figure, as evidenced by the fact that he once stated: “I’m somewhat of a lightning rod. I get called a radical a lot. Webster’s definition of radical is ‘a root.’  Radicals get to the root of the problem. From that perspective, I’m proud of that label.”

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