Additional Information on Ralph Fertig

Additional Information on Ralph Fertig


* In 2000 Fertig made a monetary contribution to the failed U.S. Senate campaign of Green Party candidate Medea Benjamin, a committed socialist.

* Fertig has been the recipient of numerous honors over the years. For example, he received the People’s College of Law’s Clarence Darrow Award for outstanding legal service to those in need; the USC School of Social Work’s Jane Addams Award; the California Social Welfare Archives’ George D. Nickel Award; and, from Americans for Democratic Action, the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for lifetime service in human rights.

* Fertig is the author of Men and Work: An Anthology and Commentary on the Nature of Work (1963); the Peace Corps’ Community Development Handbook (1967); and Of Love and Liberation: When the Jews Tore Down the Ghetto Walls (2001).

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