Additional Information on Project Vote

Additional Information on Project Vote


* In 1996, Project Vote became involved in Teamstergate — a criminal conspiracy to embezzle funds from the Teamster treasury, launder them through outside organizations, and then siphon them back into the re-election war chest of Teamsters President Ron Carey in 1996. Carey is known to have laundered at least $1 million through a daisy chain of leftwing non-profit groups that included Project Vote; Citizen Action; the National Council of Senior Citizens and Teamsters for a Corruption Free Union – not to mention the AFL-CIO and the Democratic Party itself. The various “pass-through” groups received kickbacks and barter arrangements for their money-laundering services. According to trial testimony, the operation was approved by high-level White House and Democratic Party officials. Carey won the election. Unfortunately for him, one rank-and-file union member resented the misuse of his dues and decided to blow the whistle.  In the end, seven conspirators were convicted in federal court for involvement in Teamstergate.

* A key partner in PV’s Government Agency Registration Program has been the public-policy and advocacy organization Demos.

* In 2008, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign furnished PV with a list of donors who had already given the campaign the maximum amount of money permitted by law. Onetime PV staffer Anita Moncrief later blew the whistle on her organization, describing how PV had solicited additional funds from these big donors—assuring them that the money could then be funneled directly into the Obama campaign coffers, thereby evading election-law limits on campaign contributions.

* PV charges that “illegal and cynical” challenges to voter eligibility occur in many polling places on Election Day, particularly in areas with large minority populations.”

* PV emphasizes the importance of registering young people, who are “underrepresented in the electorate,” to vote.

* PV assists get-out-the-vote organizations with such things as budgets, canvass schedules, the targeting of performance benchmarks, list management, the development of voter contact scripts, and the selection and management of phone, mail, and print vendors.

* PV offers training and technical assistance to a number of voter-mobilization groups.It also has developed state-specific “train-the-trainers” toolkits that allow these groups to train their staffs independently.

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