Additional Information on Piers Morgan

Additional Information on Piers Morgan


* When comedian Lewis Black, in a September 2011 interview, dismissed former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as a “fictional character,” Morgan laughed and asked, “You couldn’t invent someone like Sarah Palin, could you?” In October 2013 Morgan tried to mock Palin by citing a fake story on the satirical news site The Daily Currant saying that Palin thought that the historical Jesus had celebrated Easter.

* In a June 2012 interview, Morgan asked actor Larry Hagman, who portrayed the character “J.R. Ewing” on the television program Dallas, if he liked being “the most evil man on television.” When Hagman replied that his character was not evil but rather “just like a Texas businessman,” Morgan retorted: “Yeah, evil.”

* In July 2013 Morgan interviewed Eliot Spitzer, the former Democratic Governor of New York State who had resigned in 2008 amidst a prostitution scandal, and who was now running for the office of New York City comptroller.
 Throughout the interview, Morgan largely avoided any mention of Spitzer’s scandal — except to use it as part of a “comeback” narrative. “This is all part of a comeback. You are the ‘Comeback Kid.’ Do you like being the ‘Comeback Kid?'” he asked Spitzer. At the end of the interview, Morgan endorsed Spitzer’s recently published book and declared, “I’ve always been a fan. I’ll remain a fan.”

* In July 2013, when a jury acquitted George Zimmerman — the “white Hispanic” man who had shot and killed a black teenager named Trayvon Martin in a February 2012 altercation — Morgan grossly misrepresented the facts of the case (and the jury verdict) when he said: “I find it very hard to accept that it’s ‘lawful’ to shoot an unarmed 17-[year]-old boy dead as he walks home.”

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