Additional Information on Physicians for Human Rights – Israel

Additional Information on Physicians for Human Rights – Israel


* PHRI was a co-endorser of a May 19, 2004 newspaper advertisement depicting the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) demolition of Palestinian homes in Gaza as an unconscionable violation of human rights. Notably, the organization made no mention of the fact that the homes in question were being used as terrorist bases and munitions storehouses.

* PHRI literature falsely asserts that Israeli soldiers deliberately shoot at Palestinian civilians despite the existence of clear rules governing the use of live fire and a well-defined legal system to deal with any abuses of those regulations.

* PHRI’s consistently biased stance against Israel caused the Israel Medical Association to sever all of its ties with the organization in 2009. Similarly, World Medical Association president Dr. Yoram Blachar once described PHRI as “a radical political group disguised as a medical organization.”

* Though PHRI’s name suggests otherwise, only about half of the organization’s members are medical professionals.

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