Additional Information on Peter Singer

Additional Information on Peter Singer


* In addition to the books cited in the profile, Singer has also authored or coauthored such books as Marx (1980); The Reproduction Revolution: New Ways of Making Babies (1984); Should the Baby Live? (1988); Rats, Patients and People: Issues in the Ethical Regulation of Research (1989); Democracy and Disobedience (1994); How Are We to Live? (1995); Rethinking Life and Death (1995); The President of Good and Evil (2004); In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave (2005); and The Ethics of What We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter (2007).

* In 2004 the Council of Australian Humanist Societies recognized Singer as the Australian Humanist of the Year. That same year, Singer was named“Humanist Laureate” by the International Academy of Humanism.

* In 2006 Singer was a signatory to “An Urgent Call by Scientists to Defend Science,” a document that accused President George W. Bush and the “Religious Right” of blocking scientific progress, “all in the pursuit of implementing their particular political agenda.”

* Singer serves on the “advisory board of incentives” for the non-governmental organization Global Health, and on the advisory board of Academics Stand Against Poverty.

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