Additional Information on Norman Finkelstein

Additional Information on Norman Finkelstein


* From time to time, Finkelstein speaks at events sponsored by chapters of the Muslim Student Union and the Muslim Students Association, where he brings to bear his anti-Israel animus.

* In October 2005, Finkelstein was a special guest speaker at Yale University, where he delivered a speech titled “Israel and Palestine: Misusing Anti-Semitism, Abusing History.” In that address, according to a report in the Yale Daily News, Finkelstein derided Jewish Americans for their “level of mental hysteria” about Holocaust denial. He asserted that the phenomenon of the so-called “new anti-Semitism” had been fabricated out of whole cloth by Jewish organizations. He referred repeatedly to the “Jewish lobby” that was allegedly manipulating U.S. foreign policy. He depicted the Arab-Israeli conflict as a “simple one” that was rooted in what he called Israel’s long history of  ethnic cleansing and egregious human rights violations. And he did not once use the words “terrorists” or “militants” in describing the Palestinian side.

* Finkelstein has expressed great admiration for Ralph Nader and his “hard-hitting critique of U.S. capitalism.”

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