Additional Information on Monthly Review

Additional Information on Monthly Review


* In 1963, Business Week observed that Monthly Review had “an influence abroad out of proportion to their U.S. following.”

* Among the attendees at Monthly Review‘s 50th Anniversary celebration in May 1999 were Ossie Davis, Adrienne Rich, Cornel West , and Paul Buhle.

 * In 1949, MR‘s paid circulation was just 450 copies, and most of the subscribers were personal acquaintances of either Huberman or Sweezy. The paid circulation rose to 2,500 in 1950, and to 6,000 in 1954. Its pinnacle of influence was from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s when, at the height of anti-Vietnam War protests and New Left activism, its readership topped 9,000 in 1970, climbed above 10,000 in 1972, and reached its apex of approximately 12,000 in the latter years of the decade. Circulation subsequently dipped below 10,000 in 1981, and MR‘s total readership today is approximately 7,000.

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