Additional Information on Michael Moore

Additional Information on Michael Moore


The Contempt That Moore’s Former Associates Feel for Him

According to The Weekly Standard, it is “striking” how many of Moore’s former associates “bitterly revile him.” “Conversations with some dozen former employees,” says the periodical, “turn up such descriptions of Moore as ‘mercurial,’ ‘demanding,’ ‘paranoid,’ and a ‘fork-tongued manipulator’ who is ‘totally disingenuous’ and ‘feeds on people’s insecurities.’” Some examples:

  • Former TV Nation staffers compare their working conditions (under Moore) to “a sweatshop,” a “repressive police state,” “indentured servitude,” and a “concentration camp.”
  • One former staffer says, “Most people hated Michael, not because he was a perfectionist, but because he was an a—hole.”
  • A former producer describes Moore as “not just ruthless, but sadistic,” and says that his own stint as a Moore employee was akin to “working for Idi Amin—without the laughs.”
  • Another staffer states, “My parents want him dead.”
  • According to one of the world’s leading cinematographers, Haskell Wexler, who worked with Moore on Canadian Bacon in 1995, Moore chose to “maintain his adversarial view toward … everything and everybody around him.” “He’s not unlike a lot of people I used to know in the left-wing movement,” says Wexler. “They love humanity and hate people.”
  • A former staffer, when asked to supply the name and contact information of anyone who was personally fond of Moore, replied: “I’m sorry. I can’t think of anyone.”
  • Randy Cohen, a former co-executive producer of TV Nation, says: “I despise Mike and regard him as a vile and dishonorable man.” “You won’t find a range of opinions,” adds Cohen. “You’ll find everyone has a range of anecdotes to illustrate the same opinion.”
  • In 1990 the director of the Sundance Film Festival complained that Moore was “overly demanding” and had “made a scene” upon discovering that his own accommodations were not as luxurious as Clint Eastwood’s.
  • Said a studio source, “Michael’s the greediest man I’ve ever met. I’ve been disturbed on vacations by [Moore’s] agents shouting down the telephone at me [asking] how could we possibly expect Michael to fly business class rather than first class, and how could we expect him to stay anywhere other than the Four Seasons.”


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