Additional Information on Michael Kinsley

Additional Information on Michael Kinsley


* Over the course of his professional career, Kinsley has authored the following books:

  • Outer Space and Inner Sanctums: Government, Business and Satellite Communication (1976)
  • Curse of the Giant Muffins and Other Washington Maladies (1987)
  • Big Babies: Vintage Whines (1995)
  • Please Don’t Remain Calm: Provocations and Commentaries (2008)
  • Creative Capitalism: A Conversation with Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Other Economic Leaders (2009, Editor)
  • Old Age: A Beginner’s Guide (2016)

* In 1993 Kinsley had small roles in two movies: Dave (where Kinsley played himself) and Rising Sun. In 1996 he had a small role in yet another film, The Birdcage.

* In 2003, Kinsley wed Microsoft executive Patty Stonesifer, who had been a key figure in the launches of Slate, MSNBC, and the Microsoft digital encyclopedia Encarta. Kinsley and Stonesifer subsequently moved to Los Angeles, where the latter had accepted a job at the movie and media studio Dreamworks. Microsoft founder Bill Gates soon persuaded Stonesifer to leave Dreamworks and become co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

* On July 12, 2006, Kinsley underwent a surgical procedure known as deep brain stimulation, in an effort to stem the progression of his Parkinson’s Disease.

* When newly elected President Barack Obama in 2008 claimed that he had recently given up smoking, Kinsley wrote: “If Obama actually has accomplished the miracle of giving up cigarettes at the apogee of a presidential race, he should be happy to let us know this and add to his superman image. And if he hasn’t? Well, if he is straight with us about it, we should forgive him. So he’s not a superman. Neither are we…. As for being a role model for youths, Obama’s good habits outweigh this single bad one.” By contrast, when Republican Governor Chris Christie was seeking his party’s presidential nomination three years later, Kinsley wrote: “Look, I’m sorry, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cannot be president: He is just too fat… we shouldn’t overlook it — unless he goes on a diet and shows he can stick to it.”

* Kinsley describes himself as an atheist.

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