Additional Information on Michael Isaacson

Additional Information on Michael Isaacson


* While he was an adjunct professor of economics at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Isaacson taught a course called Introduction to Economics and Global Capitalism.” In that course, he incorporated socialist ideology into his official grading curve policy, whereby students’ grades were based partially on “class effort.” Wrote Isaacson: “Few academic or professional endeavors are the result of individuals acting alone. Since the pursuit of knowledge is a collective pursuit, I have developed a grading system to reflect and encourage this. All graded assignments will receive grades reflective of not only individual efforts, but also class effort. Grades will be normalized, then redistributed across a normal distribution with a mean of the class median grade and standard deviation equal to one-fourth of the interquartile range. It’s okay if you don’t understand what that means.

* On April 6, 2017, Isaacson tweeted: “How to stop war: Shut down weapons factories, Kill superior officers, Overthrow capitalism.”

* In a September 14, 2017 interview with the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, Isaacson was asked whether Richard Spencer, a prominent white nationalist, had a right to speak in public. Isaacson replied: “Richard Spencer is a danger to society. When he speaks in public, what he is doing, he is publicly recruiting people to his very violent movement, very violent ideology…. I don’t think he has a right to speak in public unopposed, and that is ultimately what the purpose of Antifa is, to show up and oppose him.” Isaacson added that “communities have the right to defend themselves against threats to their community” – i.e., threats by people who “have explicitly said that they want to eliminate those people from our society.”

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