Additional Information on Mark Ritchie

Additional Information on Mark Ritchie


* In the spring of 2000, Ritchie authored an article titled “Resisting Globalization: Beyond Seattle” for Synthesis/Regeneration, a self-described “magazine of green social thought.”

* Ritchie supported the 2000 presidential campaign of Ralph Nader.

* In February 2002 Ritchie attended the anti-globalization World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

* In October 2003 Ritchie authored an article titled “A New Beginning for WTO after Cancun,” which was published in the CPUSA newspaper, People’s Weekly World.

* On August 20, 2004, Ritchie donated $355 to America Coming Together.

* Ritchie has given financial support to the political campaigns of Tom Harkinand Walter Mondale.

* In 2004 Ritchie served as chair emeritus on the directors’ board of Growth & Justice, which promotes “social justice” in the form of “a strong and growing state economy that provides a decent standard of living for all.”

* Over the course of his activist career, Ritchie has served in such capacities as:

  • executive director of the Center for Rural Studies, which provides advocacy research to activist agriculture nonprofits
  • president of the Organic Buyers and Growers Association
  • chairman of the International Forum on Food and Agriculture (a project of the International Forum on Globalization)
  • board member of Sustainable America
  • founder of the League of Rural Voters
  • advisory board member of Wellstone Action, a Minnesota-based organization based on the political legacy of that state’s late Senator Paul Wellstone
  • member of the U.S. Trade Representative’s Trade and Environment Policy Advisory Committee
  • summit convener” for the Investor Summit on Climate Risk, which was held at the United Nations in January 2010
  • steering committee member of Ronghead, a strong advocate of global governance
  • co-founder (in 1994) of the Global Environment & Trade Study, located at Yale University, which conducted research on the linkages and potential synergies between international trade and the environment

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