Additional Information on Machsom Watch

Additional Information on Machsom Watch


* One of Machsom Watch’s most prominent former members was then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert‘s daughter Dana, who was active in the group’s Jerusalem branch.

* In early 2009Ha’aretz reported that IDF troops had caught a Machsom Watch member climbing a security barrier near Nablus to receive a package from a Palestinian on the other side. When the woman became aware of the soldiers’ presence, however, she threw the package back over the barrier and fled the scene.

* Machsom Watch activists have collaborated with a number of Palestinian women to create various Programs for Children and Youth, consisting of study groups and classes for Palestinian girls. These initiatives, says Machsom Watch, “have succeeded in assuaging some of the fears” of Palestinians, and “have enhanced our understanding of every aspect of the lives of Palestinian women and their means of coping with the enormous challenges they face both within their own society and under Israeli occupation.”

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