Additional Information on Linda Sanchez

Additional Information on Linda Sanchez


* In 2008, Sanchez and her sister Loretta published a book titled, Dream in Color: How the Sanchez Sisters Are Making History in Congress; the foreword was written by Nancy Pelosi.

* In February 2011, Politico reported that Sanchez was under scrutiny for potential House rules violations when it was learned that she had “failed to report mortgage details and a home-equity line on financial disclosure forms required under congressional rules, raising questions about her role as one of the top lawmakers policing ethics and financial issues for the House.” The inquiry showed “a history of sloppy record-keeping for a member of Congress whose new job on the ethics committee is to review the ethics and financial disclosures of other lawmakers,” Politico added. Further, it was discovered that both Linda Sanchez and her sister had failed to report a two-year royalty agreement for the book they had co-authored three years earlier. In the end, no action was taken against either sister. A spokesman for Linda Sanchez said that the errors were “relatively small, inadvertent omissions,” and that a corrected disclosure would be filed.

* In 2014, Sanchez testified before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in support of its proposed Clean Power Plan (CPP), which, on the premise that the greenhouse-gas emissions associated with human industrial activity contribute heavily to climate change, would have toughened regulations on the consumption of fossil fuels. Citing the “high rates of asthma among [the] Latino community,” and noting that “28 million Hispanics” live “in areas with unhealthy levels of ozone,” Sanchez claimed that pollution disproportionately impacts Latinos in the United States.

* Sanchez is married to James Sullivan, who in May 2016 paid $35,000 to settle a sexual harassment filed by a woman who had worked for Sullivan while the latter was chairman of Norwich Public Utilities, a Connecticut-based utilities commission. Sullivan subsequently stepped down from the commission after having worked there for 16 years. Sanchez said at the time: “My husband and I have addressed this as a family. It does not affect my views on the need for serious change in how we deal with and put an end to workplace harassment.”

* Sanchez once served on the Economic Policy Institute‘s board of directors.



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