Additional Information on Lady Gaga

Additional Information on Lady Gaga


* In the aftermath of the disastrous BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, Lady Gaga announced that she planned to boycott BP products altogether during her upcoming tour season.

* Lady Gaga casts herself as someone who is deeply committed to the tenets of left-wing environmentalism, as evidenced when she donned a “Climate Revolution” t-shirt while strolling the streets of London in September 2012. But two years later in California, amidst one of the worst droughts in the history of that state, Gaga, for the sake of a music video (featuring synchronized swimmers) that she wished to shoot, filled the famous Neptune Pool at the Hearst Castle with 365,000 gallons of water. There were subsequently two different accounts of whether or not this water usage, in light of the drought, was significant:

  • An individual who worked at the Hearst Castle told the press that because Gaga herself had decided to jump into the pool with the synchronized swimmers, chlorine was added to the water. “Since the water was chlorinated, it couldn’t be used for any of the irrigation or landscaping at the Castle,” said the source. “The water was simply drained and disposed of. It was a huge waste of water, which is such a precious resource in California at the moment because of the drought.”
  • By contrast, Richard Stapler, the deputy secretary for communications at the California Natural Resources Agency, said: “Because the water from the Neptune pool comes from a treated reservoir, it is chlorinated at very low levels that meet health standards for drinking water. This means that for the video shoot, the water was able to be used for irrigation immediately afterward, and no water was wasted.”

* On March 7, 2015, Lady Gaga and the rapper R. Kelly performed together in Selma, Alabama, after President Barack Obama had delivered a speech to mark the 50th anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery civil-rights march.

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