Additional Information on Joseph Lowery

Additional Information on Joseph Lowery


* During his long career as a public figure, Lowery has received numerous honors from the civil rights establishment. In 1997 he was given an NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award for being the “dean of the civil rights movement.” He also has received a Martin Luther King Jr. Center Peace Award, and the National Urban League‘s Whitney M. Young Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award (in 2004).

* In April 2004, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) sued Lowery for not securing approval from its board before leasing SCLC property to his wife’s organization (SCLC Women) ten years earlier for $1 a year. The suit also alleged that Mrs. Lowery had never asked for permission to use the term “SCLC” in the name of her group. The SCLC eventually dropped the suit, not because it was frivolous but because the organization wanted to move past “infighting.”

* In 2012 Lowery spoke out against an Amendment designed to grant the state of Georgia the power to approve charter schools, irrespective of a local school board’s objections. He appeared in ads pleading with Georgians not to let lawmakers “resegregate our schools.”

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