Additional Information on Jim Moran

Additional Information on Jim Moran


* From his earliest days in politics, Moran cultivated a reputation for his violent temper:

  • A former amateur boxer, Moran once said that if he had not pursued a career in politics, he might have become a prize fighter because “I like to hit people.”
  • In 1988 Moran got into a violent bar fight that caused an eyewitness to later reflect, “I realized I was looking into the eyes of a madman.”
  • During Moran’s 1990 congressional race, his Republican opponent, Stan Parris, said: “The only three people I know who support Saddam Hussein‘s position [regarding American intervention in Iraq] are Moammar GadhafiYasser Arafat, and Jim Moran.” In response, Moran called Parris “a deceitful, fatuous jerk,” and said that he wanted “to break his nose.”
  • In 1995 Moran got into a shoving match with Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham over the issue of sending U.S. troops to Bosnia. Moran had to be restrained by Capitol Police, and Cunningham fled. Moran later claimed that he had subsequently found the shaken Cunningham crying in a cloakroom. “I thought he had been bullying too many people for too long, and I told him so,” said Moran. “He said he didn’t mean to be so accusatory…. After that, he would bring me candy from California.”
  • In June 1999, Moran’s frightened wife called police to report that her husband had grabbed her during a domestic argument. When law-enforcement officers arrived, Moran told them that he had merely been trying to restrain his wife. He was not arrested, but Mrs. Moran filed for divorce the following day.
  • During a 2002 congressional hearing, Moran screamed “I’ll break your nose!” at Indiana Republican Dan Burton.

* In June 1992, Moran introduced a constitutional amendment calling for Washington, DC to be treated as though it were a state for purposes of representation in Congress.

* In 1999 Moran drove a new Toyota Avalon that he had purchased with campaign contributions.

* During an April 2014 session of the Legislative Branch Subcommittee, Moran stated that the $174,000 annual salary paid to Congressional Representatives was insufficient: “I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid. I understand that it’s widely felt that they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.” Moran also proposed that federal legislators should receive a daily expense stipend in addition to their salaries.

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