Additional Information on Jared Polis

Additional Information on Jared Polis


* One of Jared Polis’s passions has been the “normalization” of relations between the United States and Cuba. In 2013, he was one of 59 House Members who signed a letter urging President Barack Obama to “support travel to Cuba by granting general licenses for ALL current categories of travel.” (Emphasis in original)

* When the Supreme Court in June 2015 ruled in favor of legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states, Polis tweeted: “Historic victory at #SCOTUS. #lovecantwait”

* Polis spoke at the 2009 “America’s Future Now” conference, an annual event organized by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Campaign for America’s Future.

Peace Action has supported Polis’s political campaigns since 2008.

* Polis at one time served on the board of Progress Now Action.

 * As of October 2012, Polis had a net worth of at least $72.09 million. This fortune consisted of a diverse portfolio of stocks and funds; numerous real-estate investments (including properties in Boulder, Denver and Florida; and sizable stakes in a number of businesses. In addition, Polis held dozens of positions at outside organizations, primarily venture-capital funds and investment firms where he was a full or limited partner.

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