Additional Information on Eric Adams

Additional Information on Eric Adams


* Adams received an A.A. from the New York City College of Technology, a B.A. from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and an M.P.A. from Marist College. 

* In the late 1990s, reports surfaced that Adams was associating with Omowale Clay, a convicted felon who in 1998 was seen exiting Adams’s car. Two subsequent police investigations failed to substantiate the charges against Adams, who in turn filed a lawsuit in which he accused police of illegally wiretapping his phones and monitoring his organization’s political activities. In 2003 a judge dismissed the suit as “baseless.”  

* In 2001, Adams supported Mark Green in the race for New York City mayor.

* In 2012, New York State Assemblywoman Shirley Huntley, who was under FBI investigation after she had stolen more than $87,000 in taxpayer funds from a nonprofit organization, agreed, in an effort to reduce her punishment, to set up surveillance equipment in her home and secretly record meetings with several of her Democratic colleagues. One of those Democrats was Eric Adams. No criminal charges were ever brought against Adams with refard to those meetings, and he has denied that the tapes would contain anything incriminating.

* In 2016, the New York Post published a story raising questions about Adams’ support of Lamor Whitehead, an ex-convict who had served five years in prison on multiple counts of identity fraud and grand larceny, who was now running a dubious youth-mentorship program called Leaders of Tomorrow Brooklyn (LTB). Adams appeared with Whitehead on numerous occasions to tout LTB’s efforts and to raise funds for it. Whitehead, however, was found to be raising money for LTB before it was even registered as a for-profit business in March of 2014. In November 2014, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office issued a cease-and-desist letter demanding that Whitehead stop falsely promoting LTB as a collaborative justice initiative with the DA. In addition, the NYPD and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce refuted claims by Whitehead that they, too, had been working together on various initiatives with LTB.

* In 2017, Adams was a strong supporter of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s successful re-election bid.

* Adams and Bill de Blasio have collaborated to hold a number of fundraising events at New York City restaurants run by two brothers, Robert and Zhan Petrosyants, who are friends of Adams and have been convicted of money laundering. Robert Petrosyants, for his part, donated $1,000 to Adams in June 2013 — a year after prosecutors had indicted the restaurateur for money laundering.

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