Additional Information on David Palumbo-Liu

Additional Information on David Palumbo-Liu


* Palumbo-Liu moved with his family to Oakland, California – and later, to nearby Orinda – when he was a young child.

* Palumbo-Liu obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees (Master’s and Ph.D.) at UC Berkeley. Both his Bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. (1988) were in Comparative Literature.

* From 1985-86, Palumbo-Liu was a research fellow with Kyoto University’s Faculty of Letters, and was affiliated with that school’s Research Institute for Humanistic Studies.

* Palumbo-Liu has taught English and Comparative Literature at Stanford University since 1990 – first as an assistant professor (1990-94), then as an associate professor (1995-2001), and finally as a full professor (2001-present).

* A full list of Palumbo-Liu’s courses and publications can be viewed here on his Curriculum Vitae.

* In an April 2016 article in Salon, Palumbo-Liu urged his readers to educate themselves regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict by reading analyses produced by organizations such as MondoweissJewish Voice for Peace, the American Friends Service CommitteeElectronic IntifadaAmnesty InternationalHuman Rights Watch, the Middle East Children’s Alliance, and Betselem.

* Palumbo-Liu resides in the Bay Area of California, where Stanford University is located. His wife, Sylvie Palumbo-Liu, also teaches in the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages (French) at Stanford.

* In a January 18, 2018 op-ed in the Stanford Daily (student newspaper), Palumbo-Liu denounced President Donald Trump as a vulgar racist who had: “claimed that neo-Nazis are ‘good people’”; “swept aside and evacuated decades of science”; “destroyed individuals and families through inhumane immigration policies”; and “so deregulated the financial world in a mad and terrifyingly effective transference of public resources into private wealth that the next [stock market] crash will be 10 times worse than that of 2008.”

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