Additional Information on David Brower

Additional Information on David Brower


* In 1957 Brower founded the North Cascades Conservation Council and went on to serve on its board until his death 43 years later. In addition, he served on both the board of directors and the advisory board of the Native Forest Council, a grassroots organization “working to preserve America’s publicly owned land from resource extraction.”

* Author John McPhee made Brower the subject of his best-selling book, Encounters with the Archdruid (1971).

* In 1995 Brower put together a book titled Not Man Apart, which juxtaposed photos of Big Sur to lines by the self-identified “Inhumanist,” pantheist, and anti-capitalist poet Robinson Jeffers. 

* In 1998 Brower received the Blue Planet Prize for his lifetime achievements.

* Brower authored and co-authored a number of books about his own activism specifically and environmentalism generally, including: Environmental Activist, Publicist, and Prophet (1980); For Earth’s Sake: The Life and Times of David Brower (1990); An Introduction to Coastal Zone Management (1994);  Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run (1995); and Reading the Earth: A Story of Wildness (2000).

* Brower was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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