Additional Information on Catholics For Choice

Additional Information on Catholics For Choice


* CFC “believes in a world where everyone has equal access to the full range of reproductive healthcare services—including access to safe and legal abortion services and affordable and reliable forms of contraception.”

* CFC was listed as a “Partner” for the January 21, 2017 “Women’s March on Washington” to protest the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President.

* CFC’s Coalition for Liberty & Justice is “a broad alliance of faith-based, secular and other organizations” that “works to ensure that public policy protects the religious liberty of individuals of all faiths and no faith and to oppose public policies that impose one religious viewpoint on all.”

* CFC’s Global Interfaith and Secular Alliance is “a coalition of faith-based and secular organizations from around the world working to counter religious extremist forces that seek to curtail global progress on reproductive and sexual rights.” These extremists,” says CFC, “seek to restrict access to modern methods of family planning and life-saving and therapeutic medicines and procedures; deny young people critical information about their health; deny those who are most vulnerable to HIV infection the means to protect themselves; and more.”

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