Additional Information on Betselem

Additional Information on Betselem


* Betselem has hundreds of supporters and volunteers who assist the organization by setting up information stands, distributing printed material, and participating in anti-Israel protests in Palestinian territories.

* In 2003 Betselem initiated a campaign to deploy Israelis to IDF checkpointsto “document, intervene, and prevent human rights violations.” These deployments frequently drew immense media attention.

* In 2004 Betselem released a music video titled Eyes Wide Open, featuring performances by popular Israeli entertainers as a backdrop to film footage of alleged Israeli abuses that had occurred at West Bank roadblocks and checkpoints. Moreover, to coincide with the release of “a report on Israel’s policy of punitive house demolitions,” Betselem produced a video chronicling how Israel’s demolition policy had harmed innocent children. More than 30,000 people viewed each of these videos on the Betselem website, and thousands more saw them in movie theaters across Israel. The videos ignored the fact that the demolitions were aimed explicitly at the homes and operation bases of Palestinian terrorists.

* In 2007 Betselem published a booklet titled The Gaza Strip: One Big Prison, which stated that “Israel has turned the Gaza Strip into the largest prison on earth, while at the same time renouncing responsibility for the lives and welfare of its residents.”

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