* What Is QAnon?

The following is from Joshua Muravchik’s February 3, 2021 article in Mosaic magazine, titled “Q and the Jews: Where Did QAnon Come from, What Attitudes Does the Conspiracy Movement Take Toward Jews and Judaism, and Will It Become More Dangerous or Fade Away?

Among the radical rightwing groups that converged on Washington on January 6th [2021] and stormed the Capitol, the one commanding the largest following was QAnon. In those last weeks of his presidency, as mainstream Republicans gradually broke with Donald Trump to acknowledge the outcome of the election, QAnon figured large in the diminished ranks of his diehard supporters. Other groups, even more outré, were also in evidence on January 6th, including neo-Nazis—highlighted by one man whose shirt was emblazoned with the chilling insignia, “Camp Auschwitz.” There was no evidence that he spoke for the larger body of protestors but nor was there any sign that the others disowned him.

Are the sentiments this man advertised so provocatively, shared less vulgarly by the much larger constituency represented by QAnon? Does this strange group pose a threat to America and in particular to its Jews? Answering this requires first addressing some prior questions. What, exactly, is QAnon? Where did it come from, and how large is it? What does it stand for, and where is it headed?

To read the rest of Muravchik’s extensive exposé, click here.

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