Urgent Call (UC)

Urgent Call (UC)


* Nuclear disarmament group
* Director Randall Forsberg led Nuclear Weapon Freeze Campaign during the Cold War.

Urgent Call is a non-profit group that advocates the total nuclear disarmament of the United States. Founded in June 2002, the organization’s current priority is to “vigorously [press] the Bush administration to stop blocking and withdrawing from arms control agreements, and to stop threatening to use nuclear weapons in Third World countries.”

Urgent Call’s founder, David Cortright, is also the President of the Fourth Freedom Forum and a supporter of the Win Without War coalition. The Director of Urgent Call, Randall Forsberg, was a founder and leader of the 1980s Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, a Soviet-sponsored initiative that would have prevented the United States from countering the Soviet missile arsenal targeted at Western Europe.

Urgent Call is affiliated with the Green-Rainbow Party, Peace Action, Sojourners, and Women’s Action for New Directions.

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