Union of Arab Student Associations (UASA)

Union of Arab Student Associations (UASA)


* Umbrella organization for Arab-American students
* Opposes Israel’s existence
* Endorses the Palestine Solidarity Movement and the International Solidarity Movement
* Opposes U.S. aid to Israel

Established in 1996 by Hanna Hanania, the Union of Arab Student Associations (UASA) describes itself as “a student-based organization that seeks to connect and unify local Arab-American university groups and … educat[e] the Arab community and the general public about the culture, language, and history of the Arab world while promoting vital issues that pertain to Arabs in the United States.” The Union currently has several thousand members representing more than 40 universities across the United States.

In 1999, the UASA website directed its viewers to visit the website of its affiliate “Students for Palestine,” which featured a map of Israel completely covered by a Palestinian flag.

UASA endorsed the November 2003 National Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, which is the collegiate arm of the pro-Hamas group International Solidarity Movement.

In January 2001, UASA established a sister organization named the Network of Arab-American Professionals (NAAP) to serve as “a channel through which alumni and professionals could step up their activism and focus their activities to reflect the experiences, needs, and resources of an older, more established working base of members.” UASA deemed the new NAAP vital to helping Arab-Americans “make a long-term impact on American society — both culturally and politically.”

UASA invited Ralph Nader to be a keynote speaker at one of its national conferences.

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