Peace Strategies Fund (PSF)

Peace Strategies Fund (PSF)


* A Tides Foundation campaign which channels money into the anti-war movement
* Merged with Network for Good in 2005 

The Peace Strategies Fund (PSF) is a Tides Foundation campaign designed to infuse millions of dollars into the contemporary anti-war movement. In a March 2003 press release announcing the establishment of PSF, Tides said, “The Bush administration has abandoned diplomacy, shunned international alliances, and ignored the largest global demonstrations for peace in history. Meanwhile pressing domestic concerns — such as a flagging economy, a continuing health care crisis, and constant assaults on the environment and civil liberties — are either pushed to the side or exacerbated by an aggressive and unchecked administration. … Organizations working to stop the war and advance peaceful, diplomatic, and just alternatives to war need financial support today. The Tides Peace Strategies Fund has been launched in response to this historic crisis.”

PSF’s mission is to “make timely and strategic grants” to domestic and international organizations that: oppose America’s use of the military under any and all circumstances; place greater emphasis on the protection of civil liberties than on the thwarting of potential terror threats via aggressive intelligence-gathering and law-enforcement practices; and seek to expand the civil rights and liberties of illegal immigrants residing in the United States.

The Peace Strategies Fund is a follow-up to the Iraq Peace Fund and the 9/11 Fund, which together granted more than $1.5 million to anti-war and open borders groups after September 11, 2001. According to a report by William Bacon, by May 2003 the Peace Strategies Fund had “provided over $800,000 — all funneled through its subsidiary — to leftwing groups such as the Arab American Action Network, the Center for Constitutional Rights, MoveOn, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and United for Peace and Justice.”

On September 20, 2005, it was announced Groundspring and Network for Good, the two largest nonprofit providers of Internet-based fundraising and donor management tools, would merge and the combined organizations would do business under the Network for Good name.

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