New York Progressive Network (NYPN)

New York Progressive Network (NYPN)


* New York-based consortium of leftwing organizations

Inactive since October 2003, the New York Progressive Network (NYPN) was a consortium of leftist organizations and individuals that advocated for a “progressive” (i.e., socialist) vision of public affairs for New York City. NYPN was a clearing-house for information, research, activist organizing, and the forging of new alliances among various groups. Sara Ritchie of the Century Foundation was the Public Education and Outreach Officer for NYPN. NYPN produced a directory of media relations experts skilled at reporting news in a manner that cast the political left in a favorable light. It also offered its members workshops on public relations and techniques for dealing with the media.

NYPN’s organizational members included the AIDS Housing Network; the American Social History Project; Americans for Democratic Action; the Center for Media, Culture and History; the Center for an Urban Future; the Center for Urban Policy; the Center for Urban Research; the Child Welfare Fund; the Community Food Resource Center; the Dominican Studies Institute; the J.M. Kaplan Center; the Labor-Religion Coalition; the National Center for Children in Poverty; the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Public Policy Institute; the National Jobs for All Coalition; the Pride Senior Network; the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund; the Roundtable of Institutions of People of Color; the Supportive Housing Network; the Third Wave Foundation; and the Welfare Law Center.

The NYPN website included an online directory of public policy experts available for media interviews and commentary; it also featured analyses and syntheses of reports of interest to journalists covering urban affairs.

Among NYPN’s chief objectives was to join forces with its member organizations in an effort to “develop the next generation of progressive leadership through internship and apprentice opportunities.”

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