Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth (MUJCA-NET)

Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth (MUJCA-NET)


* Believes that the 9/11 attacks were not carried out by Muslim extremists, but were orchestrated by neoconservatives in the Bush administration

Established in November 2004, the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth (MUJCA-NET) describes itself as “a group of scholars, religious leaders and activists dedicated to uniting members of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths in pursuit of 9/11 truth.” Central to this “truth,” MUJCA-NET explains, is that the widely accepted notion that Muslim extremists carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks is a “big lie … designed to sow hatred between the faiths”; and that there exists “compelling evidence that 9/11 was “a covert operation designed to trigger wars in the Middle East,” an “inside job” plotted and executed by neoconservatives in the Bush administration in pursuit of “endless aggressive war.”

In MUJCA-NET’s calculus, “non-religious, Machievellian-Straussian cynics” in the Bush administration, “who believe that hatred and hostility are what move the world,” set out to fabricate “some galvanizing event like a new Pearl Harbor” to provide justification for their burning desire to unleash the U.S. military against foreign lands, and to convince most Americans to accept anti-terrorism measures such as the Patriot Act, which would spell the “end of their Constitutional civil liberties.” Thus the neocons allegedly hatched the 9/11 plot to destroy the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This strategy, says MUJCA-NET, “repeats the pattern of earlier Euro-racist mythologizers, notably Aldolf Hitler,” whose Nazis “inaugurated their new era by destroying an architectural monument [the Reichstag] and blaming its destruction on their designated enemies.”

According to MUJCA-NET, President Bush and his cronies pretended “to train the ‘hijackers’ at phony CIA-drug-mob ‘flight schools,’” and on 9/11 they “set off explosions” in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon — and thereafter offered the public “a preposterous story of an alleged jetliner attack.” It was, explains MUJCA-NET, “just a minor special effects extravaganza, put together by Hollywood specialists to manipulate audience emotion and pave the way for war.”

MUJCA-NET’s founder, Professor Kevin Barrett, converted to Islam in 1992 and has taught Islam, English, French, Arabic, Humanities, African Literature, American Civilization, and Folklore at colleges and universities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Paris, and Madison, Wisconsin. He has also participated in some joint events with the organization Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

“Since World War II,” says Barrett, “it has been the express policy of the U.S., Britain, Israel, and other nations to mass-murder civilians in order to destroy the ‘enemy.’ … Ultimately, I believe, history will show that the architects of 9/11, and the architects of the criminal Iraq and Afghan wars it triggered, were the same individuals. In the event that some of them were nominal Muslims—which is unlikely but not impossible—they will face the same judgment [on Judgment Day] as the non-Muslim warmongers and killers of innocents.”

In an effort to explain the reasons why the U.S. government’s “architects of 9/11” settled on a narrative of Muslim hijackers as their chosen lie, Barrett says: “The Towers … are phallic symbols, and the American audience is invited to view their destruction as a kind of symbolic castration. … The media propaganda machine works overtime cranking out portrayals of Arabs and Muslims as vile sexist villains who abuse, oppress, and sexually exploit women. Thus the destruction of the Towers is blamed on these dusky-hued sexist scoundrels who threaten womenfolk everywhere, and the image of the collapsing Towers made into a kind of rape. America, robbed of its two towering phalluses, is feminized, symbolically penetrated by gigantic, explosive airplanes ejaculating jet fuel … The image of a nation vulnerable to penetration is heightened by the story about the alleged ‘19 hijackers’ who supposedly snuck into the country to do the dastardly deed.”

MUJCA-NET views the September 11th attacks as a suffering world’s desperate attempt to strike a well-deserved blow against American oppression and capitalist exploitation: “On 9/11/01 the world was nearly united under a single global language, English, the natural-language expression of the underlying techno-economic language of global capitalism. … [Then] the towers collapsed and capitalist globalism collapsed with it. Rabid neocon nationalism … arose on the ruins of the towers, and [proclaimed] an incipient American Empire …”
“If non-Muslims persist in allowing the 9/11 Big Lie to stand,” warn Barrett and MUJCA-NET, “… Muslims will be tempted to find something other than words with which to defend themselves. … ‘Islamic terrorism’ may well become a self-fulfilling prophecy.” “Islamic tradition counsels patience and nonviolence, as exemplified by the Prophet’s (peace upon him) Meccan career,” Barrett explains. “But it also teaches us to do whatever is necessary to defend Islam and the Muslim community against manifest oppression and aggression.”  Moreover, he laments, Muslims nationwide fear that they will “be disappeared by the U.S. government, taken to Guantanamo, denied access to a lawyer, denied due process, tortured, and executed by the direct order of high-ranking U.S. officials, without anyone ever being told what happened.”  In 2006, MUJCA-NET launched an “Outreach Effort” designed “to educate priests, rabbis, ministers and imams along with their congregations and communities … with knowledgable 9/11 truth activists, who will in turn help educate other activists, creating a snowball effect that will soon grow too big for the media to ignore.”

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