Islamic Truth Group (ITG)

Islamic Truth Group (ITG)


* British organization that says it seeks to “increase Islamic knowledge so that Muslims become Allah’s viceroys on earth.”
* Desires the replacement of all world governments with a single Muslim ruler, or Caliph
* Solicited volunteers for jihad in Afghanistan after 9/11

Established in 1999 “to increase Islamic knowledge so that Muslims become Allah’s viceroys on earth,” the Great Britain-based Islamic Truth Group (ITG) describes itself as “part of the Muslim Unification Council,” a worldwide organization dedicated to re-unifying the Muslim ummah [people or nation] into one super state [Al-Khilafah, “the Caliphate”] that “will dominate world politics for all mankind, forever.” Such a Caliphate would be governed by strict Islamic law, or Sharia. “English Law is not divine law like Shariah Law,” says ITG. “Don’t follow it!”

In late October 2001, a few weeks after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, CNS News reported that “the Islamic Truth Group has been soliciting for volunteers to fight a jihad (holy war) in Afghanistan amongst Muslims living in countries neighboring the central Asian nation. The group’s website said: ‘Civilians must be part of the struggle against the forces of Satan and the Afghan Northern Alliance. … It is time for action. Head to the border NOW!’”ITG posts no street address or telephone number on its website, where an investigative report titled “How to Defeat a Superpower” asserts that because “the Western powers hate Islam so much,” it is “time to populate the earth with Muslims everywhere!” Another section of the ITG website suggests that 9/11 was “a planned event by the [W]estern powers to rally world opinion against sincere Muslims worldwide.” “A new crusade has started,” says ITG. “Muslims beware!” Islamic Truth Group perceives further evidence of an anti-Muslim conspiracy in the West’s “strategy behind population control.” “It is estimated that the world can cater for [sic] a population of 60 billion,” says ITG. “[W]e are only 6 billion to date, so why the hysteria? This again is a plan to undermine the ummah of Muhammad.”

Charging that the U.S. “and its crony half brother Britain” have waged a “covert war … under the guise of peace during the past century,” Islamic Truth Group characterizes the United States as “an empire gone mad, that must be put down.” Calling for America’s complete disarmament, ITG asks, “Can we sleep at night knowing that America has the ability to drop 21,000-pound bombs on the earth?” Mocking America’s claim “that their weapons of mass destruction programme is a ‘psychological’ weapon, used only for deterrence and nothing more,” ITG says: “If you believe that, then you must be on drugs, the expensive kind!”ITG refers to the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund respectively as “the bastard son [of the U.S.] known to all as the Dis-United Nations,” and “the bitch of a daughter known as the IMF and the illegitimate off-spring known as the agents planted in the Muslim countries.” “It is the duty of Muslims,” says ITG, “to route [sic] out this family and kill it, like a malignant cancer from which death results if left alone!” Regarding non-Muslims, or “infidels,” ITG cites the Koranic passage that reads: “Allah commands us, … kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.”

ITG accuses the U.S. and Britain of having “created worldwide hysteria” that discriminates against anyone “that is against western democracy and free trade capitalism”; of “exporting weapons of mass destruction to Muslim countries”; and of “infiltrating the armies of the Muslim world.”  According to ITG, Western governments are conducting a “War against Islam” in which they “plunder our natural resources and impose their democracy values and secular beliefs upon Muslims,” leaving the latter “shackled” in “economic and political slavery.”

ITG loathes the concept of “moderate Muslims,” which it says “is not an Islamic term, nor was it devised by Muslims, [but] is an alien term designed by the government of the British Queen to disunite Muslims into [ethnic], racial and color backgrounds, [and] thus divide Muslims further and rule over them. … Moderate Muslims are the most pathetic bunch of degenerates that are concerned only about their selfish ideals of gaining community positions that appease the non-Muslims, they uphold western democratic ideals, they vote in parliamentary elections … and have no vision for the reunification of the Muslim nation under an Islamic banner.”

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