Islamic Center of America (ICA)

Islamic Center of America (ICA)


* Michigan-based Islamic organization founded in 1963

The Dearborn, Michigan-based Islamic Center of America (ICA) was established in 1963 by the Muslim cleric Mohamad Jawad Chirri. Its mission is to “receive, administer and distribute funds; preserve and teach the religion of Islam; perpetuate the social, moral, and religious standards of Muslims in the United States; teach the Arabic language; [and] educate the American society about Islam and the Arab culture.”

ICA further seeks to give Muslims “an opportunity to benefit from … University-style sermon[s] with a broad mix of religious practices, science, ethics, current events, and tradition all with a common sense approach.” These sermons are delivered by ICA’s leading mullah, Hassan al-Qazwini, who is also a Board Member of the American Muslim Council

Al-Qazwini commonly officiates at ecumenical functions attended also by Jewish rabbis and Christian ministers and priests. He maintains that the misguided politics of militant Islamists should not be confused with the peaceful teachings of Islam itself. And he has invited Louis Farrakahn of the Nation of Islam to be a guest speaker at the ICA mosque. According to Imam Qazwini, “there are some similarities between us [the ICA] and Mr. Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, and there are some differences. These differences are not so great that we would not give him the podium.”

ICA chose not to endorse or participate in “Free Muslims March Against Terror,” a May 14, 2005 event whose purpose was to “send a message to the terrorists and extremists that their days are numbered … [and to send] a message to the people of the Middle East, the Muslim world and all people who seek freedom, democracy and peaceful coexistence that we support them.”

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