* Church group that supports open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens

Formerly called Interfaith Action, ISAIAH is a group composed of approximately 75 church congregations based mainly in Minneapolis, St. Louis, and St. Cloud (Missouri). The organization supports open borders; sanctuary policies preventing law-enforcement authorities from enforcing immigration regulations; full amnesty and labor rights for illegal aliens; and lax deportation laws.

ISAIAH is currently lobbying for the right of illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. As co-chair Elizabeth Badillo-Moorman told the Associated Press, “Our position is that undocumented workers are a reality in this state [Minnesota], and to have potentially tens of thousands of people driving around with no license is a public safety issue for everyone involved.”

ISAIAH is affiliated with the Chicago-based Gamaliel Foundation, which campaigns for open borders and “the civil rights of immigrants.” ISAIAH also works in collaboration with the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Coalition.

ISAIAH is funded by the Bremer Foundation, the Connecticut Health Foundation, the Connelly Foundation, the Duke Endowment, the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation, the Kauffman Foundation, the Lucy and Eleanor S. Upton Charitable Foundation, the McKnight Foundation, and the Minneapolis Foundation.

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