Class War Federation (CWF)

Class War Federation (CWF)


* Political party in the United Kingdom that favors the violent overthrow of capitalism
* “Western style capitalism is often hailed as being the free market; all it means is that they are ‘free’ to exploit us.”

Based in the United Kingdom, the Class War Federation (CWF) describes itself as “an organization of groups and individuals who have come together to change the society we live in, to improve the lot of working class people.” It is “not just another party seeking to gain power or a new way of telling people what to do,” but rather a network of “ordinary people [who] have had enough of being pushed around and [have] decide[d] to fight back.” “We live in a society severely split along the lines of class,” says the group’s website, “where capitalism, the State and the ruling class dominate us.”

CWF’s prescription for this problem is the creation of a “popular culture of resistance” against the purported evils of capitalism, which “invade all areas of our lives.” According to CWF, “Capitalism is an economic system run purely for profit in the interests of a small class — the capitalists — at the expense of a larger class, the working class. … It is the mechanism whereby we sell our labor, in exchange for money, to purchase the goods and services we need, which we also happen to have produced in the first place! However, we only get a proportion of the wealth that our labor produces, the rest goes to the capitalists in profit. This is fundamental to capitalism — in order for it to work, the many must produce wealth for the few. Western style capitalism is often hailed as being the free market; all it means is that they are ‘free’ to exploit us. … Capitalism has nothing to offer us except an endless cycle of war, famine, recession and unemployment. It is not inevitable that it will die of it’s [sic] own accord; it could linger on for centuries yet, lurching from crisis to crisis, therefore it must be destroyed.”

To accomplish this, says CWF, “Violence is a necessary part of the Class War — not as elitist terrorists but as an integrated part of the class — they started it, we’ll have to finish it!” “Class War doesn’t shy away from violence,” adds the organization, “it promotes open class violence — the idea of a lot of people fighting a common enemy. … After all, the ruling class aren’t just going to roll over and give up their power — it will have to be taken from them.” To help set the stage for this violent revolution, CWF seeks “to increase the militancy and self-awareness of the Working Class in defending their interests and solving their problems … through propaganda, active participation and debate as equals.”

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