Zuckerberg: Facebook Censored ‘Stop the Steal’ to Stop ‘Violence’

Zuckerberg: Facebook Censored ‘Stop the Steal’ to Stop ‘Violence’

November 17, 2020

In a hearing Tuesday before the House Committee on the Judiciary called “Breaking the News: Censorship, Suppression, and the 2020 Election,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that his social media platform censored the “Stop The Steal” group challenging voter fraud in the presidential election in order to prevent “violence or civil unrest.”

CA Sen. Dianne Feinstein asked Zuckerberg, “After President Trump falsely claimed that the election was being stolen” —  Fact check: the election was stolen — “a group called Stop The Steal was started on Facebook. It grew to more than 300,000 users in less than a day making it one of the fastest-growing groups, I understand, in Facebook history. You shut the group down but substantial damage already had been done. Trump supporters, some of them armed with assault weapons, held Stop The Steal rallies outside election offices… Here’s the question and this is a tough one: What are your concerns about the spread of misinformation, no matter how innocent it is, or it is not innocent like Trump’s claims about the election, that they may incite violence?”

Zuckerberg replied: “Senator I am very worried about this, especially any misinformation or content that could incite violence and during such a volatile period like this one of our top priorities is making sure that people don’t use our platform to organize any violence or civil unrest. And that was the basis under which we took down that group because there were a number of members that were posting potentially violent or encouraging violent comments that violated our policies.”

Stop the Steal is not a violent group. This is shameful slander. The left always suppresses conservative groups on the claim that they are potentially violent. Meanwhile, the left turns a blind eye to or excuses actualviolence on the part of leftist domestic terror groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

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