Zuckerberg Admits Facebook’s ‘Clear Bias’ Against Pro-Life Org

Zuckerberg Admits Facebook’s ‘Clear Bias’ Against Pro-Life Org

September 20, 2019

In a meeting with Sen. Josh Hawley in D.C. Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted a “clear bias” in the way his platform handled the pro-life organization Live Action, Breitbart reports.

Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook was wrong to censor me and Live Action, that there was clear bias and that the ‘fact checkers’ were activists,” tweeted the group’s founder and president, Lila Rose.

“Thousands of my FB followers were sent push notifications saying I spread ‘false’ news,” she continued. “The bogus ‘fact check’ by the abortionists who have publicly called for our deplatforming is still up on the Health Feedback website.”

“The problem is bigger than Facebook’s censorship of us. They lack transparency & honesty. They claim to be neutral but don’t act that way. They enjoy privileges as a platform, but act like a far-Left, politically motivated publisher. This affects ALL news & content shared on FB,” Rose added.

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