Zucker, Ex-MSNBC Boss Defend Ignoring Hunter Biden Story

Zucker, Ex-MSNBC Boss Defend Ignoring Hunter Biden Story

October 17, 2022

While speaking on a panel last week during the Un-Convention in Philadelphia, ex-CNN boss Jeff Zucker and ex-MSNBC chief Phil Griffin defended ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“We did look into it. But first of all, you know, with regard to the son of the candidate, you know, he was the son of the candidate. He wasn’t the candidate. The question that you’ll come back with is, well, but what role did the candidate play in his business dealings?” Zucker questioned.

“Okay. So my point is, it’s easy to say we should have spent more time on that,” Zucker continued. “Listen, do I think it’s legitimate to look at? Sure. Do I think that, like, it’s a legitimate criticism to say that in the ten days, 14 days prior to the election, you didn’t spend enough time on it? Not really.”

“He was never arrested. The Justice Department was looking into it, never reported it until he is the son of a candidate. I don’t think it’s a main story until that happens,” interjected Ex-MSNBC chief Phil Griffin.

Biden and his staff have claimed seven times that the decrepit, corrupt President had no part in the family scheme, but 17 instances of evidence show otherwise.

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