Zakaria: Under Biden, How Will America Compete With China?

Zakaria: Under Biden, How Will America Compete With China?

January 1, 2021

Friday on CNN’s New Day, network host Fareed Zakaria mused about what a Joe Biden administration would look like on the world stage, especially as Communist China appears to be on the rise.

“Just think about where we are now with China,” Zakaria said. “China is now clearly the second-most important country in the world. The United States and China are in a league of their own. China has come out of this pandemic in many ways stronger. Yes, its reputation got battered a bit because of its early handling — but it has essentially vanquished the virus without a vaccine. It also has vaccines onboard. It is moving forward with much greater confidence in the world.

“And a lot of countries, allies in Europe and in Asia are wondering what is the Biden administration going to do about this? How can it find a way to both cooperate and compete with China? That’s really the big question,” Zakaria added.

The big answer is that China owns the corrupt Biden, and others in the administration team he is prematurely putting together, through lucrative business partnerships. And thus America will not be allowed to compete with China as only President Trump could do.

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