Zakaria: Justice Alito Mocking Foreign Critics is ‘Scandalous’

Zakaria: Justice Alito Mocking Foreign Critics is ‘Scandalous’

August 2, 2022

Sunday on CNN, network host Fareed Zakaria harshly criticized Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for mocking foreign leaders over their criticism of the high court’s Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Asked about Alito needling his critics, Zakaria replied, “I think it really damages the court’s legitimacy. One of the things that has kept the court’s legitimacy over time has been a sense of dignity, a sense of majesty, a sense that the justices are doing what they are doing for serious constitutional reasons. They don’t pay attention to the chitter chatter, they don’t pay attention to trivial news. That is why cameras are not allowed into the Supreme Court. Otherwise, why are nine unelected people, with life tenure, allowed to make these incredibly important decisions about 330 million people’s lives? Nobody elected them.”

Zakaria continued: “The reason why they have that legitimacy, to put it very simply, is that they behave themselves, that they behave in accordance with the kind of dignity and majesty of the court. What Alito did, behaving like a cheap commentator, and not a particularly good one at that, was frankly disgusting. I thought it was the most undignified performance by a Supreme Court Justice I have seen in my lifetime. I don’t think that any of his predecessors would have done it. I think it is scandalous.”

Scandalous? Nonsense. What is really happening here is that Zakaria, CNN, and the Left generally are taking every opportunity to spew propaganda about the Supreme Court in an attempt to delegitimize it over some recent decisions, such as overturning Roe v. Wade, that the Left deems “right-wing” and a threat to the Left’s agenda.

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