Zakaria: Dems Have ‘Embraced the Left’ on Cultural Issues

Zakaria: Dems Have ‘Embraced the Left’ on Cultural Issues

November 7, 2022

Friday on HBO’s Real Time, CNN host and Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria stated that Democrats have decided “to really embrace the left” on cultural issues and, in doing so, turned off voters.

Discussing why Democrats have faded in the polls among white women, Zakaria stated, “I do think Democrats sometimes forget how to — they learn strange lessons from politics. So, if you look at the Democrats who win, who succeed, there was Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, two southerners and Obama was actually quite centrist in many…ways, particularly culturally. Remember his caution on gay marriage. So, these guys always tried to balance not being seen as too radical, particularly on cultural issues. Somehow, the Democrats have decided we need to be very — we need to really embrace the left on those kinds of issues, and it turns people off.”

He added that while President Biden has “done so much for people in terms of spending money, programs,” people lose credibility on the economy when they’re seen as radical on cultural issues and so when Republicans counter with “Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, transgender, and people go for it, unfortunately.”

People “go for it” not because Republicans are exaggerating the left’s cultural radicalism, but because outraged Americans are recognizing that Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, and transgender madness are very real and very radical agendas of the Democrat Party.

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